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The GSHPA publishes articles on subjects of interest to those concerned with ground source energy.


Integrating Renewable Technologies allows heat recycling and improved energy efficiency
Renewable Heating can be achieved with ground source energy
Renewable Cooling can be achieved by heat exchange with cold ground
Ground Source Heating and Cooling can be achieved by heat recycling to and from the ground
Seasonal Thermal Energy Storage The holy grail of the renewables industry
Natural Cooling               There is a cheaper way to provide cooling to buildings  
Sustainable Energy                  - without the hot air. Have you done the sums?
Energy Storage               is critical to balancing supply and demand in renewable energy
Ground Source Lobbying               The case for government to support ground source energy
Environmental Impact GSHPs                 What is the environmental impact of renewable technology?
Decarbonising the Grid                 The National Grid is decarbonising - GSHPs emit less carbon each year
Demand Side Response                 Demand Side Response saves you money and helps decarbonise electricity generation
Myths about GSHPs                 Misinformation about ground source heat pumps is designed to sell fossil fuel heating