Ground Source Heat Pump Association


Ground Source Technical Seminar
Thursday 24 May 2018 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
University of Leeds

The GSHPA's Technical Seminar on 24 May will be a fascinating confluence of current thinking in the world of geothermal engineering and sustainable use of thermal energy storage in the ground. The seminar will be kindly hosted by the School of Civil Engineering University of Leeds.

The University of Leeds is to host this year's GSHPA Technical Seminar. The event is targeted at academics, industry stakeholders and all those with an interest in the ground source energy industry at a technical level.

A reduced rate is offered to GSHPA members and the seminar is free to students. Lunch will be provided.

The seminar will primarily address live technical issues surrounding closed and open loop systems, both ground based and surface water source based.

The seminar is to be held at the School of Civil Engineering main lecture theatre.


Geothermal Technology for Economic Cooling and Heating       Simon Rees,
University of Leeds
Assessing the performance of
thermo-active geotechnical structures
David Taborda,
Imperial College
Quantifying the accuracy of a radial approximation
for pile heat exchangers
Nick Woodman,
University of Southampton
Development and validation of
a diaphragm wall heat exchanger model
Ida Shfagh
Thermo-active retaining walls:
mechanical response and thermal performance
Eleonora Sailer,
Imperial College 
How a flowing fracture influences the thermal performance
of a borehole heat exchanger
Sasha Pedchenko,
University of Southampton
High temperature heat pumps at Henley Business School Phil Jones,
Building Energy Solutions
Ambient temperature networks Michael Moggeridge,
CP3 Open-Loop Groundwater Source Heat Pumps:
Code of Practice for the UK
Nic Wincott, Lead author 
Hidden Commissioning/Handover costs and risks
to GSHP/Closed Circuit 'HTF' systems
John Westerman,
New software for monitoring and controlling
new or existing systems
Chris Davidson,


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