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The GSHPA publishes articles on subjects of interest on ground source energy, and links to external articles:

Getting Serious about Net Zero     before 2050
Staying Cool with Heat Pumps and saving loads of electricity
Climate Change Concern leads to enquiries about ground source energy
Expert Design yields Results and pays for itself handsomely
Low Carbon Heat Market Ten policy steps needed to get there
Balanced Energy Networks provide innovative clean heating without combustion
Electrification of Heat is Easy and enables heating without combustion
EU drives Deforestation with misguided subsidies that accelerate climate change
Turning up the heat on ground source heating
Get Heat from Thin Air using heat transfer instead of combustion
Road to Decarbonising Heat using heat transfer
Open-Loop GSHPs can be a good way to heat houses in the South East
How to Heat Rural Homes without using combustion
Decarbonisation of Heat and Heat Storage
The Energy Trilemma can be resolved using ground source heating and cooling
Infrastructure Investments in groundworks yields good returns over the years
High Efficiency from GSHPs for both heating and cooling
Integrating Renewable Tech allows heat recycling and improved energy efficiency
Renewable Heating can be achieved with ground source energy
Renewable Cooling can be achieved by heat exchange with cold ground
Ground Source Heating and Cooling can be achieved by heat recycling to and from the ground
Seasonal Thermal Energy Storage    The holy grail of the renewables industry
Natural Cooling               There is a cheaper way to provide cooling to buildings  
Sustainable Energy                  - without the hot air. Have you done the sums?
Energy Storage               is critical to balancing supply and demand in renewable energy
Groundwater Management needs careful maintenance
Ground Source Lobbying The case for government to support ground source energy
Gaining Ground                                Dragon Drilling has been Gaining Ground in North Wales
Communal Heating                            a novel solution for social landlords
Burning hydrogen for heating would emit six times the amount of NOx as burning natural gas
Urban Air Quality Air pollution cost the UK £56bn in 2010 according to the OECD
Clean Growth Strategy BEIS has published its Clean Growth Strategy,
but postpones decisions on how to curb carbon emissions
from heating
Advantages of District Heating and an elegant variation which saves costs and carbon
4G District Heating Networks are designed to work at lower temperatures than CHP Networks
Internet of Heat combines technologies to recycle heat and save carbon
Decarbonising Cooling a more efficient way to provide cooling
Demand Side Response allows large users of electricity to earn income
DSR and Heat Pumps is key to the electrification of heating and cooling
Misconceptions with GSHPs unravelling the myths