GSHPA Thursday Webinars

We are responding to the lockdown by providing a set of 30 minute webinars on Thursday afternoons at 1pm. To join all you need to do, apart from making a diary note of the date for the webinar, is to click on the title of the seminar two minutes before it starts at 1pm.

If you are not free at 1pm on Thursday then catch-up later by pressing on the webinar links (below) or the GSHPA YouTube channel.

Come and join us:

Considering a heat pump? Wed 7pm
24 Mar 21
Andrea Ellison
Dave Jones
Geoff Ellison
Marketing the GSHPA in a Virtual World 18 Mar 21 Andrea Ellison Slides
Work of GSHPA Policy Development Committee 4 Mar 21 Chris Davidson
Bean Beanland
Slides Webinar
Solving gaps in low carbon education in the UK 25 Feb 21 Lucy Cotton
Madelaine Constance
Slides Webinar
Education is key for Climate Change and Sustainability 17 Feb 21 Andrea Ellison Slides Webinar
Heat pumps: Policy landscape and GSHPA plans 2021 11 Feb 21 Laura Bishop Slides Webinar
Open Loop Boreholes - Above the ground 17 Dec 20 Chris Davidson Slides Webinar
Open Loop Boreholes for WSHPs 10 Dec 20 John Findlay Slides Webinar
Open Loop - Come All You Gallant Colliers
Mine Energy Renaissance?
3 Dec 20 David Banks Slides Webinar
Groundwater Modelling of Open Loop Systems 26 Nov 20 Huw Williams Slides Webinar
Open Loop Boreholes for WSHPs 19 Nov 20 Chris Davidson Slides Webinar
Importance of GSHP Education: spreading the word 12 Nov 20 Andrea Ellison Slides Webinar
For customers of large GSHP systems:
appointing contractors, regulations and insurance
5 Nov 20 Tim Baker Slides Webinar
Integrating heat pumps in retrofits 22 Oct 20 Laura Bishop Slides Webinar
Fourth to Fifth Generation Heat Networks
Decarbonising heating & cooling
8 Oct 20 Edward Thompson Slides Webinar
The Future of Heat Networks
Pairing heat interface units with low temp heat networks
24 Sept 20 Joshua Collins
Neil Parry
Slides Webinar
Heating and Cooling with Heat Pumps on Farms 10 Sept 20 Shane McDonald Slides Webinar
The UK Fiscal Background hinders investment in the decarbonisation of heat. What needs to be done? 3 Sept 20 Edward Thompson Slides Webinar
BGS tools in ground source heating systems design 27 Aug 20 David Boon
Steve Thorpe
Slides Webinar
MCS Contractors – responsibilities & protections 20 Aug 20 Bean Beanland Slides Webinar
Covid-19 and the UK Energy Market 13 Aug 20 Chris Toze Slides Webinar
Lessons from 20 years of UK open-loop systems 6 Aug 20 John Findlay
Iain Howley
Slides Webinar
Flow temperatures and heat pump performance 23 July 20 Ken Kneale Slides Webinar
Heat recovery – direct cooling or heat pump cooling 16 July 20 Chris Davidson Slides Webinar
Fourth & Fifth Generation Heat Networks
– central or distributed heat pumps
9 July 20 Laura Bishop Slides Webinar
Closed loop borehole design – Geology & soil conditions 2 July 20 Tim Baker Slides Webinar
Closed loop borehole design – Construction & finishing 25 June 20 John Findlay Slides Webinar
Closed loop borehole design – Hydraulics 18 June 20 Robin Curtis Slides Webinar
Closed loop borehole design – General 11 June 20 Chris Davidson Slides Webinar
Tariff Guarantees – RHI GSHPs over 100kW 4 June 20 Bean Beanland
Laura Bishop
Slides Webinar
Smart tariffs reduce running costs of heat pumps 28 May 20 Dave Jones Slides Webinar
Heat pump installation design 21 May 20 Laura Bishop
Slides Webinar
UK Heat Pumps – History and Policy 14 May 20 Bean Beanland Slides Webinar

Ground Source Energy Events

The Ground Source Heat Pump Association holds annual conferences and technical seminars, and Council members are frequently asked to present at ground source energy conferences run by other organisations throughout the year.

We can alert you to future events if you register here.

Previous events

Details of previous events are shown below, together with an opportunity to view presentations.

Energy Now Expo 2020 Peterborough 3-4 March 2020 John Findlay
Futurebuild 2020 Excel, London 3-5 March 2020 Andrea Ellison
Getting Serious About Net Zero BEIS, 1 Queen Victoria Street  24 Sept 2019 British Institute of Energy Economics
CP3 Launch: Groundwater Heat Pumps: Code of Practice The Building Centre, London 2 July 2019 Bean Beanland
Rushlight Summer Showcase Victory Services Club, London 20 June 2019 Edward Thompson
Heat Pumps and
Demand Side Management
The Building Centre, London 7 Nov 2018 Bean Beanland
SWSHP Code of Practice - CP2 Kingston Upon Thames 20 April 2016 Nic Wincott
Phil Jones
GSHPA Autumn Seminar 8 Fitzroy Street, London 5 Dec 2013  Duncan Nicholson
Tunnel Lining Conference Ilford 19 Oct 2012 Duncan Nicholson
Ground Source Seminar Cardiff University 27 Sept 2012 Duncan Nicholson
Nic Wincott
Underground Thermal Energy Storage London 31 May 2012 Edward Thompson
Ground Source Seminar Cambridge University 16 Nov 2011 Duncan Nicholson
Research Seminar 2010 London 21 Jan 2010 Duncan Nicholson