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Future Support for Low Carbon Heat Consultations

In the run up to the 7 July deadline for responses to the current BEIS consultation on the Future Support for Low Carbon Heat, the GSHPA and HPF are holding a series of joint "open mic" Zoom sessions for members to share views and to discuss options based on the proposals set out in the Support for low carbon heat consultation.

The times have been selected to try to give all members an opportunity to join the discussions, but we will add an evening or weekend session if there is demand from members who are too busy during working hours. We really do want as many members as possible to participate.

The dates are:

To join, click on the links already sent out by email a few minutes before the session is due to start (or apply for a link to

More details and the link to submit responses can be found at: here.

The deadline for submitting on-line responses is 11.45pm on Tuesday 7th July. There is no option for postal submissions.

Both the GSHPA and HPF will be submitting responses, but members are also encouraged to issue their own individual or company response. The more aligned firepower we can display, the stronger our message will be. It is important to recognise that mere demands for more subsidy money are not likely to be well received by government.

However, constructive contributions to the green recovery from the COVID-19 situation could form part of our responses, and are already part of our discussions with all the branches of government with which we are engaged. In addition, we are in contact with a number of other industry bodies, local government and consumer groups, looking to further build consensus where it can be found.

These GSHPA member engagements will be recorded and the content used to inform the formal trade body responses. However, it is not the intention that all members' opinions will be included because we will be looking to deliver the consensus views as far as possible. The responses from the GSHPA and HPF will contain a great deal of commonality, but there will be some differences which reflect the varied memberships.

Members are encouraged to join in the debate and contribute to the consultation responses.


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