Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme in Northern Ireland


The Ground Source Heat Pump Association notes that the distinct Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme created for Northern Ireland has received bad publicity following its premature closure due to reports of wide-scale abuse of the biomass subsidy.

It is vital that everyone who is interested in renewable technologies for heat and hot water in England, Scotland and Wales, understands that the RHI in the three mainland countries is a different system, separately designed by DECC and run by Ofgem. There is no suspicion of fraud in the system in England, Scotland and Wales and the RHI is safe and well-funded and will welcome new applicants through to Spring 2021. All currently accredited recipients, and future applicants, will receive their entitlement for their full seven-year (domestic) or twenty-year (non-domestic) terms.

The Association welcomes the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy's continued commitment to the RHI in England, Scotland and Wales, as emphasised in the Minister's speech on Wednesday 14 December 2016. It is designed to sustain growth of the renewable heat sector, which the RHI will continue to support for the next four years.


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