Ground Source Heat Pump Association


Reaping the benefits of GSHPs with the RHI
save carbon, save money
27 March 2013

The Building Centre, 26 Store Street, London WC1E 7BT

The GSHPA organised a seminar on the RHI benefits of using ground source heat pumps to generate on-site renewable heat on 27 March 2013.

GSHPA invited architects, engineers and those with an interest in achieving a high performance from ground source energy to join the seminar and learn about ground source heat pumps and the Renewable Heat Incentive.


10.00 Introduction Duncan Nicholson,
Chairman, GSHPA
10.15 RHI support for a strong future for ground source heating & cooling Greg Barker,
Minister of State, DECC
10.30 DECC's Update on RHI Stephen Martin,
11.00 Commerial RHI - a sensible option Chris Davidson,
GI Energy
11.25 ThermoMap Project - Introduction   Dr Jon Busby,
12.20 GSHPA Standards Nic Wincott,
NeoEnergy (Sweden) Ltd
12.45 ThermoMap Project - Demonstration   Dr Jon Busby,
13.00 Lunch and networking  
14.00 Domestic RHI    David Matthews,
14.25 Heat Pump Performance Review    David Matthews,
14.50 RAUGEO Click Manifold & Chamber    Steve Richmond,
15.10 GSHPA - working for you    Jake Salisbury,
15.10 Panel Discussion    Speakers

See full London RHI Seminar Agenda.

The presentations given at the conference are available to those who attented the conference from Jake Salisbury.