GSHPA is speaking at
Low Carbon Homes Forum  
IP-City Centre, 1 Bath Street, Ipswich IP2 8SD
23 May 2019

Low Carbon Homes

Low Carbon Homes Forum is dedicated to the growth of renewable energy within the UK and brings together architects, engineers, consultants, local authority officers and councillors to engage with industry experts on the latest renewable energy opportunities available, including best practice in energy efficiency and energy generation.

The Forum seeks to find practical ways of implementing the ideas contained in the Government's Clean Growth Strategy which includes "an ambitious blueprint for Britain's low carbon future".

The Low Carbon Homes Forum provides success stories and case-studies in a free-to-attend collaborative workshop-style environment. The event is tailored to address regional issues guided by knowledgeable host partners.

By facilitating knowledge exchange, peer-to-peer learning and de-bunking myths, the event helps to reduce barriers and accelerate the take-up of energy efficiency best practice.

Low Carbon Homes brings global domestic energy efficiency innovation to the UK's regions via a nationwide free-to-attend event series – the Low Carbon Homes Forums.

Low Carbon Homes wants to drive the adoption of new energy-saving standards in the UK's aged housing stock by providing a unique platform. Here, professionals can share best practice and discover pioneering methods and products to help transform home efficiency, reduce fuel poverty and lower carbon emissions.

Forums are designed for architects, engineers, consultants, local authority officers and councillors, energy assessors, asset managers, academics and other professionals working to achieve low carbon homes.

Tickets are available at Low Carbon Homes.

The GSHPA is at Low Carbon Homes Forum alongside the Heat Pump Association to explain how ground source energy can help you address the key issue of combating global warming in a practical way that is in tune with the natural environment.

Protecting and enhancing the environment sits at the heart of sustainability. With the growing awareness that the built environment accounts for nearly half of the UK’s CO2 emissions, innovative, green solutions for designing, constructing and using buildings are in urgent demand.

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