Heap Pump Market Recovery since Lockdown

July 2020

MCS has kindly provided the GSHPA with statistics from its database on the dip in activity from mid March when lockdown started – and also clear signs of the steady recovery from mid May from when restrictions started to be lifted.

MCS data on Heat pump installations


It has been a very awkward time for heat pump installers, but it is good to see evidence of the market rising in May and June. The next few months will be critical.

Customers will want their installations completed well before the closure of the Domestic RHI scheme in March 2022, especially those who may be concerned at the possible threat of a second lockdown if a second wave of Coronavirus does appear over the winter months. This is a greater threat to GSHP installations than ASHP installations as GSHP systems take longer to install and require more detailed planning.


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