Reducing Dependence on Russian Gas

To Reduce Dependence on Putin's Gas – Get a Heat Pump!

Hyper-efficient heat pumps cut fossil-fuel use and carbon emissions by up to 80%.

Improving technology means heat pumps work well in cold climates as well as warm climates.

96% of all new heating systems in Norway are now heat pumps.

But only 2% of all new heating systems in the UK are heat pumps.

Because the Treasury in the UK imposes a 25.5% uplift on the cost of domestic electricity, but ony 2.5% on gas.

Heat Pump Share of Heating in Europe

This clever graphic comes from @foxjust and @bopinion and is based on data from the European Heat Pump Association. See Want to reduce dependence on Russian energy?

Why does the UK install many fewer heat pumps than its neighbours?

There is a very simple reason: the Treasury imposes 25.5% of "environmental levies" on top of the price of domestic electricity in the UK, but only 2.5% of levies on top of the price of gas.

Therefore there is very little economic advantage to anyone running a heat pump instead of gas heating – although there is a large economic advantage to the Treasury in terms of additional revenue collected!