Research into Ground Source Energy
January 2010

Desk study stage, site investigation and response testing

Regulation of GSHP systems Jenny Thomas, Environment Agency
Borehole Heat Exchanger Model Development Miaomiao He
Mitigation potential of horizontal ground coupled heat pumps Anne Verhoef

Open Systems

Sustainability assessments of GSHP Systems Martin Preene

Closed loop borehole and horizontal systems

Spiral Probes - compact ground heat exchangers Ralf Winterling, Rehau
Building Simulation Nick Kelly

Case history performance

Keble College energy piles Natasha Kefford, Arup

Geothermal Piles – Codes of Practice

Knightsbridge Palace Hotel Tony Amis
NHBC - Energy piles for houses Duncan Nicholson
Geotechnical Design of Heat Exchanger Piles Herve Peron

Geothermal Piles – Design & Modelling

Performance of Ground Energy Systems Installed in Foundations William Powrie
Foundation Heat Exchanger Research Simon Rees
Selection of material used for thermopiles for recycling heat Gautami Patel

Geothermal Pile – Monitoring

Geotechnical Aspects of Energy Piles Kenichi Soga
Monitoring of ground temperature and performance of a gshp system Chris Wood
US Research into Energy Piles Richard Fragaszy
Research on The Long Term Monitoring Performance of Energy Piles Echo Ouyang