The Heat is On
Decarbonisation of domestic heat
Zoom Seminar
Thursday 24 June 2021


"The Heat is On" tackles one of the most complex challenges the UK faces in its Net Zero ambitions – the decarbonisation of domestic heat.

In this LSBU Climate Emergency Debate, LSBU's panel of industry leaders examine the fiscal, technical and legacy issues that are shaping the UK’s urgent race to replace domestic gas in order to decarbonise the nation’s heat.

This includes stimulating presentations from

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Turning Gas Off

As usual, LSBU will be encouraging active participation with an audience vote for the ‘One Big Ask’ that would make the change the world needs, and a lively Q&A session with the panel of experts. At LSBU’s Climate Emergency Debate series, we don’t just discuss the topics that matter. We aim to equip audiences with tools to turn theory into action in their working lives.

This event will take place on Zoom webinar. Registered guests will receive a Zoom link a day before the event.