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Stream One is Ground Source Heat Pumps for engineers and is aimed at anyone involved in NETTZERO strategy and planning.

This CPD certified course addresses rules of thumb as not accurate enough for a good design and focuses on developing understanding within the design process.

It examines types of heat pump, the various sources of energy including vertical and horizontal collectors as well as water source collectors. It also focuses on the correct application, whether it be for new build or retrofit properties.

Simply complete the course in your own time by watching each unit presentation then completing each unit assessment. If you get anything wrong please re watch the presentation and try the assessment again. The CPD certified Stream 1 certificate will be issued after all the unit presentations and each assessment is satisfactorily completed.

If you need any assistance please email:

Please visit the Course Introduction for a more detailed overview of the course.

Stream 1 Topics:

Delivered and written by GSHPA Council members and ground source heat pump industry experts Laura Bishop, Chris Davidson, Robin Curtis, John Findlay and Robert Hill, who have over 100 years of expertise in design between them, this Stream offers engineers and designers a unique opportunity to develop their understanding.

Systems, Heat Loss Calculations, The Importance of Geology, Types of Ground Loops, Design Software Demo, System Hydraulics, Heat Pump Technology, Real World Performance, Hybrid Systems, Heat Pump Sizing & Selection, Heat Pumps & Building Integration, Heating & Cooling Systems, Controls, Working with the Supply Chain, Commissioning & Handover, PLUS:Bonus Session on Ambient Heat Networks

Learning Collaborators Profile Information:

Laura Bishop: Laura is a chartered mechanical engineer, registered with the Institute of Mechanical Engineers. She has 22 years engineering experience with a number of blue-chip companies including Rolls Royce and E.ON Connecting Energies. She runs Infinitas Design Ltd, a Derby-based independent renewable heat engineering consultancy where she undertakes the design and development of mainly heat pump, heat network and energy storage projects for a variety of commercial and industrial clients. A complete heat pump advocate, Laura is also a CIBSE Heat Network consultant and District Heat Diva.

Chris Davidson: Chris graduated in Theoretical Physics at Imperial College before spending several years within the Ford Motor Company in Marketing and Business Process Engineering. In 2001 he co-founded GI Energy which grew to become the UK market leader in large scale ground source heat pump systems. As Chief Technical Officer Chris and his team took direct responsibility for over 200MW of system designs from initial feasibility to system prove out and ongoing monitoring.

Chris has been instrumental in working with the DECC to improve the Renewable Heat Incentive after launch. He has also provided training for CIBSE, Cambridge University, Oxford University and Imperial College covering topics from complex energy systems analysis to ground source heat pump system design.

Having founded GeniusEnergyLab in 2014 Chris now focuses on providing design, funding, policy and consulting advice on energy systems of all sizes.

Tim Baker: Tim Baker is a geologist and hydrogeologist, who has been working in the water supply, ground source heating/cooling and regulatory sectors for 20 years and has supported the GSHPA by representing it on trade stands and with technical and practical support over this period.

Robin Curtis: Robin Curtis is a Principal Consultant of Geoscience based in Falmouth, Cornwall. When working at the Hot Dry Rock Geothermal Project in Cornwall in 1984 he developed an interest in ground source heat pump technology. Since 1992 has been responsible for the introduction and promotion of these systems in the UK. He has been involved in the design, installation and commissioning of a variety of ground source heat pump systems from the smallest social housing installations up to some of the largest closed loop projects in the UK.

Robin is the author of several papers and articles on ground source energy, and is an engineering member of the International Ground Source Heat Pump Association. He is a member of the editorial board of Geothermics, and has been involved in a number of GSHP training initiatives.

John Findlay: John has over 30 years international geosciences and engineering experience ranging from oil exploration to water resource management. He is a Chartered Engineer and formed Carbon Zero Consulting in 2007 to provide independent technical design input to GSHC schemes. His mix of engineering, geology and borehole expertise is well suited to the complex demands of the open and closed loop GSHC market.

John has worked on some of the UK’s largest open and closed loop heating and cooling schemes as well as many high profile water supply projects. Both areas require sound knowledge of UK geology, hydrogeology, borehole techniques and the regulatory environment. John has provided input to develop GSHPA Standards, the BGS open loop screening tool, the CIBSE WSHP code of practice and the Environment Agency good practice guidelines.

Robert Hill: Robert is a specialist in borehole drilling for site and mining investigations, ground source heat pumps (GSHPs), and water wells. With extensive expertise in these areas, he assists clients in various industries by providing tailored drilling services.

For site and mining investigations, Robert conducts borehole drilling to gather geological and geotechnical data essential for new site developments. In the realm of GSHPs, he offers drilling solutions for efficient and sustainable heat pump systems in residential, commercial, and industrial properties. Additionally, Robert provides a complete private water well service, including hydrogeological assessments, test drilling, and full production water borehole drilling and installations.

With meticulous attention to detail, Robert ensures each project meets the unique requirements of clients. His expertise and comprehensive understanding of borehole drilling for site investigations, GSHPs, and water wells make him a trusted professional in the field.

Robert Hill delivers reliable and efficient drilling solutions for site investigations, GSHP installations, and water well development, supporting clients in achieving their project goals.

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