Join guest speakers Marc Nickels & Gary Potter from Kingspan as they discuss Heat Networks – Secondary Insulation Systems
District heating currently only accounts for 2% of existing heating needs. However, the UK heat demand served by networks is expected to reach 10% by 2030 & 18% by 2050 and with the drive to Net Zero heat networks have an important role to play. Documents such as the London Plan prioritise connection to District Heat Networks, or the development of site wide heat networks over stand alone developments, and even then if a development is in an area with the potential to connect in the future then the project should be made “district heating ready”.

The drive towards carbon reduction is a challenge for the construction industry as a whole, but it also has important direct implications for the Thermal Insulation industry. As a result the CIBSE CP1 Code of Practice for Heat Networks has been updated and now specifies minimum requirements for thermal insulation. Understanding how to calculate insulation thicknesses and heat loss in line with this document will be essential for those working in the residential market.

This CPD seminar focuses on Heat Networks and the CP1 (2020) Code of Practice and explains how it impacts on the thermal Insulation requirements. It considers the calculation methodology, the outputs required, at what stage this needs to be done and the evidence which needs to be produced and stored within the accompanying document.
Learning Objectives
· Gain an understanding of heat networks
· Learn more about the Code of Practice and what it is trying to achieve
· Learn how to use the Code of Practice effectively
· Gain an understanding of the full insulation system to effectively limit heat loss

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