“The Heat is On” tackled one of the most complex challenges the UK faces in its Net Zero ambitions – the decarbonisation of domestic heat.

In this LSBU Climate Emergency Debate, LSBU’s panel of industry leaders examined the fiscal, technological and legacy issues that are shaping the UK’s urgent race to replace domestic gas in order to decarbonise the nation’s heat.

Starting with LSBU’s research into alternative heat systems, the seminar discussed the various factors and assumptions affecting investment in the competing low carbon options at national, regional and domestic level.

The panel then answered questions and shared insights into some inspiring trial schemes across a range of technologies, demonstrating how agile, integrated solutions can challenge the way we currently think about the heat conundrum.

See videos of the presentations from the distinguished speakers on:
The Heat is On – Replacing Gas.

This included stimulating presentations from

  • Andy Ford on how the UK plans to take the carbon out of heat
  • Jan Rosenow on replacing gas with heat pumps
  • Mark Hewitt on high temperature heat pumps for retrofit, microgrids and district heating
  • Richard Lowes on whether hydrogen is clean, cheap or sustainable.

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