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Key industry players, including the GSHPA, have come together to promote the Electrify Heat campaign.

The Electrify Heat campaign has been launched to advocate for clean and climate friendly heating and cooling for the UK.

Electrify Heat

“We’re pushing for the fastest possible uptake of clean, safe and affordable heat pump technology in British homes”.

Electrify Heat aims for a well governed transition to clean heat, with national and local bodies working together to deliver the best outcomes for households, communities and the country. It aims to promote the ‘need for speed’ to get on track urgently for Net-Zero in the 2020s by building a market to drive down costs for all, and to reduce CO2 emissions from heating drastically.

The Electrify Heat campaign is backed by progressive utility companies and trade associations to encourage a well governed and fair transition to clean heating. The group includes Octopus Energy, OVO, Good Energy, E.on, Scottish Power, and the principal trade associations concerned with green heating: GSHPA, HPF, Energy UK and the ADE.

The GSHPA welcomed the launch of Electrify Heat with the comment:

“Ground source energy provides heat with absolute zero CO2 now, if powered by green electricity.

It also provides heat with absolute zero NO2 emissions. For those using grid electricity, the carbon released has fallen fast as the grid decarbonises and will continue to fall to negligible proportions during the life of any heat pump installed now.

It is time to electrify heat.”

See press release and comments on the launch of Electrify Heat

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