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Following the publication of the BEIS Heat Pump Check Service on the 11th July which included some very high costs for ground source heat pump installations, the GSHPA Policy Development Group lead by Seb Berry immediately opened a dialogue with BEIS and has secured a significant reduction in the as then published costs. These were reduced significantly to the revised costs as follows,

size (kW) Cost Range
<7 £12,000-£19,000
7-10.5 £14,000-£26,000
>10.5 £17,000-£37,000

While we feel that a simplistic statement of costs for a technology which has inherent regional and site-based differences can never be ideal, it represents a significant improvement. This change will be made right away by BEIS.

We will continue to engage with BEIS to develop caveats to cover, for example, multiple residential installations including shared arrays which can deliver significantly lower installed costs. Further, we hope that the positive nature of the intervention will encourage BEIS to avoid future problems by consulting with us before publication.

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