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Adam Vaughan of the New Scientist has written a thoughtful and well researched article on how to fix the planet with heat pumps.

He explores the alternatives for those who want to switch away from burning fossil fuels and emitting even more CO2 and arrives at the only practical solution: it is time to go for a heat pump.

He is concerned about the cost of installation, but finds that there are Government grants to help with the costs and that heat pumps can last much longer than gas boilers.

He is concerned about runnning costs – until he learns that the high efficiency of heat pumps answers this, especially in tandem with “agile tariffs” available from Octopus Energy.

His further research leads him to pick up a number of interesting quotes from Richard Lowes of Exeter University and from Jan Rosenow of the Regulatory Assistance Project.

You too can learn more by reading how to fix the planet with heat pumps.

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