By Stephen Bielby

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The Ground Source Heat Pump Association is pleased to announce the appointment of Ken Gordon as the organisation’s new Chief Executive Officer. With a wealth of experience and expertise in mechanical engineering, Ken is now a specialist in the field of ground source heat pump systems and energy efficiency measures in buildings. Ken brings a unique combination of engineering excellence, leadership, and technical authority to lead GSHPA into a new era of growth and innovation.

As a Chartered Mechanical Engineer, Ken has dedicated his career to designing mechanical engineering systems, and 10 years ago he started designing ground source heat pump systems and retrofitting properties to meet the highest energy efficiency standards outlined in PAS 2035 (Retrofitting dwellings for improved energy efficiency). His commitment to engineering excellence is further underscored by his role as Executive Author for the revision of CIBSE (2023) Technical Memorandum TM51 “Ground Source Heat Pumps”.

Ken Gordon has been an integral part of the ground source heat pump industry, not only as a design specialist but also as a leading figure in various industry working groups. Notably, he has been a respected member of the Council for the Ground Source Heat Pump Association where he represents Scotland and actively contributes to shaping the industry’s future. Ken’s involvement extends to key groups such as the MCS Heat Pump Working Group, Heat Pump Liaison Group (Hosted by CIBSE), Future Homes Hub, and the Department of Energy Security & Net Zero – Electrification of Heat Task Group.

His impressive career includes serving as the Technical Authority (Mechanical) for Fairfield Energy, where he played a crucial role in the Dunlin Alpha decommissioning project. In this capacity, Ken was the responsible owner of Performance Standards for critical elements such as Fire Pumps and Helicopter Refuelling, demonstrating his commitment to safety leadership both offshore and onshore.

In addition to his extensive engineering background, Ken has a successful track record as an entrepreneur and company director. He co-founded Filpumps Ltd in 1992, a pioneering startup company focused on designing, supplying, installing, and commissioning water treatment and pumping systems. Under his leadership, Filpumps Ltd grew to become the largest private water supply treatment company in Scotland, employing a staff of 35. He sold the company in 2012 to their management team, leaving behind a strong legacy of engineering excellence and client liaison than continues today.

Prior to that, Ken worked for several years in International Development as an Agricultural Mechanisation Advisor, with the Foreign Office and World Bank in the Middle East, and on his return continued to work with farmers for the Scottish Government Mechanisation Advisory Service. His experience in working with diverse communities and understanding mechanical aspects in great detail is a testament to his people leadership and project teamwork capabilities.

GSHPA looks forward to leveraging Ken Gordon’s vast expertise and visionary leadership as the new Chief Executive Officer. With his strong focus on engineering excellence, safety leadership, and client liaison, Ken is poised to drive GSHPA’s mission of promoting ground source heat pump technology and its vital role in tackling climate change by implementing sustainable and energy-efficient solutions.

“It is an honour to join the Ground Source Heat Pump Association as the new CEO,” said Ken Gordon. “I am excited to have this opportunity to work alongside the talented management team and will work hard to support all our members and industry partners to enable the wider adoption of ground source heat pump systems which are so vital for tackling Climate Change by significantly cutting energy consumption.”

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