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Teaching Scheme of Work

Andrea Ellison B.Ed (Hons), is a director and the treasurer of GSHPA who spent many years as a teacher and head teacher. She has written a Scheme of Work aimed at teaching pupils about the importance of using the earth as a renewable energy source.

Our Earth – Use It,
Don’t Abuse It

As an aspect of GSHPA’s long term commitment to sustainability and preventing climate change Andrea has written Schemes of Work which teachers in primary and secondary schools may download as ‘off the shelf’ teaching packs. They can be adapted by individual teachers but should you require assistance with any of the mentioned resources please call her on 07766 148193 or email

Andrea is happy to provide training courses for education authorities, schools, subject leaders and teachers.

Teaching modules are as follows:

Year 2

Upper Key Stage 1

6 lesson programme of work covering Citizenship and Science subjects.

Download Module

Year 5

Upper Key Stage 2

6 lesson programme of work covering Science, Geography and Citizenship subjects.

Download Module

Year 9

Upper Key Stage 3/4

6 lesson programme of work covering Science, Geography and Citizenship subjects.

Download Module

Scheme of Work for

Level 1

Sustainability scheme of work for College students aged 16 – 18 years at Level 1.

Download Module

GSHPA Training Academy

Coming soon

The GSHPA is pulling together two streams of training courses to be delivered on line very shortly. We will be writing, presenting, filming and publishing the training and will also hold interim live Q&A sessions or tutorials once trainees have done a certain number of modules. We are aiming for a very professional delivery with proper filming and studio.

Please watch our short introduction to stream one presented by our Chair, Laura Bishop via YouTube.

Watch the video

Training Streams

There will be two training streams available:

Stream 1

Aimed at consultants, building services engineers and architects so will focus on bigger heat pumps. This has now been recorded in full.

Stream 2

Aimed at domestic installers, designers and people wanting heat pumps who need to know what to ask for when researching the best system. This is currently in production.

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