A ground source heat pump was installed on Hugh Whittome’s 1860s farmhouse to repace an oil-fired boiler. Finn Geotherm, based in Norfolk, specified and installed a Lampoassa Emi 28 GSHP linked to a 1,400 metre ground loop and a 700 litre thermal store. While the farmhouse has a low EPC rating, the heat pump works efficiently to keep its owners warm by using the thermal mass of the building.

Hugh said that it is a ‘common myth’ that a ground source heat pump can only be used with underfloor heating, but his installation proves otherwise. “We have radiators throughout and the house has never been warmer, day and night”, he explained. “The heat pump has taken away the hassle of heating and hot water. We just leave it to run and don’t have to order oil deliveries”. The farm is now carbon positive and the heat pump runs entirely on green electricity from the farm’s own wind turbine.